Tokyo MK Taxi: How Technology Revolutionize the Taxi Industry

The taxi industry is finally catching up with innovative technologies to solve the existing problems for taxi drivers and consumers. Because of the development of new technologies, taxi companies are going through a major revamp and have been forced to adapt in order to survive the industry.


Nowadays, people worldwide are regularly using smart phones and laptops that have many applications to make their lives much easier and better. This is the reason why taxi apps have become popular and beneficial between users these days. Tokyo MK Taxi offers PCS (Private Chauffeur Service), a service where MK taxis available for hire near the customer’s location can be searched using a hand-held device like a smartphone or even using a laptop and the request can be made directly to the driver of the car. The application is compatible with multiple carriers for iOS and Android users with accurate and flexible car dispatching to freely chosen locations using GPS and simple position information.


Tokyo MK Taxi offered this kind of service to boost their brand recognition and to expand their client base. The best part is that their registration is easy and you can directly contact the driver by dialing the number displayed and convey your name and current exact location. Moreover, this service comes with a low price yet high-quality customer service.


With a diverse variety of elegant and well-maintained taxi, Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts stunning sedans - LS600hL and Lexus LS460 to help our clients arrive at their destination in style and comfort. Great client service is an integral part of our service as we are tailored to make you our number one priority. From limos to taxi, you can count on our service.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review choosing the right tyres for your car

Nowadays, there are many tyres available on the market and finding the best tyre for your car could be a bit hard, but no worries because Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can help you regarding this matter without getting scammed since the company is dedicated to taking care of your car. With years of experience in car servicing, their team could provide good suggestions to you in choosing the right tyre for your car.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group is a family run company that offers reliable services such as brake checks, car servicing, MOTs, free seasonal checks, and of course, helping customers find good tyres for their vehicles.


Tyre&Auto can provide dependable help to you in choosing the right tyre in case you’re planning to renew them. The company also wants you to note that there are particular aspects that could affect your decision and it includes the size, climate and how you drive.


It is indicated in the wall of the tyre its size along with other important information. With it, you can also determine the date and place the tyre was produced, along with its speed and load capacity. You can also find other imperative details on the sidewall of the tyre such as its section width, aspect ratio or profile and its radius.


Factors that could affect the life of your tyre may include: mileage per annum is either high or low, or driving in inner city conditions rather than motorways. Depending on your given criteria, Tyre&Auto can help you with your choice even if you drive in a sportier manner, which could also affect the life of your tyre.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group is always prepared to answer any of your inquiries concerning your car wherein you could give them a call today or visit their local depot to meet their hard working team and discuss to them your concerns.

Things to do in Christchurch, Group Holiday in Southbourne Dorset

Historic Christchurch nestles between the River Avon and Stour at their confluence and enjoys unparalleled harbour views, walks and wildlife.


Close to lively Bournemouth and the tranquillity of the New Forest and rural Dorset, Christchurch's unique combination of heritage, coastline, harbour and rivers provides all the ingredients to make your visit extra special.


Christchurch dates from Saxon times, and lies in the shadow of the magnificent 11th century Priory Church and still retains its Saxon street layout.


Originally known as Twynham "the place betwixt the waters", Christchurch takes its name from the Priory Church, which was originally known as Christ's Church.


The town centre dates from Saxon times and lies adjacent to the majestic 11th century Priory church.


The beautiful historic Priory has a wealth of medieval carving and is reputedly one of the longest parish churches in England.


It is famous for its 1094 Norman nave and turret, the Lady Chapel's pendant vault, probably the first in this country, misericords including one, by tradition, the oldest in England.


Also the Miraculous Beam, the ninth centenary commemorative stained-glass window and the restored 18th century organ.


Red House Museum and art Gallery, was originally a workhouse. This fascinating museum contains countless objects relating to local history, geology, natural history and archaeology as well as an impressive costume gallery.


Place Mill, mentioned in the Doomsday Book, was part of the conventual buildings of the Priory. Although the mill has been carefully restored, it no longer grinds flour, but the working machinery provides a fascinating backdrop to a collection of milling artefacts, arts and crafts.


The fascinating older part of the town with its quaint houses, excellent restaurants and specialist shops, is just a few minutes walk from the bustling High Street, with its Saxon Square shopping precinct.


On Mondays in the town centre there is a large and popular market.


Christchurch has six, safe, sandy beaches stretching across the sweep of Christchurch Bay from Mudeford Sandbank to Highcliffe.


They all offer amazing views across Christchurch Bay from the Isle of Wight and the Needles in the east to Hengistbury Head in the west.


The Regent Centre is the cinema, theatre and concert hall serving Christchurch and the surrounding area. It was built in 1931 and retains all the Art Deco charm of the era.


The foyer is used by local artists, for exhibitions of their work.


The Regent Centre screens new release films, as well as hosting concerts, plays, pop groups and pantomime to suit all tastes.


Christchurch is famous for its exciting places to eat out, and has probably the widest selection of restaurants in the area offering international cuisine.


Christchurch has a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports. As well as the Two Riversmeet Leisure centre, there is excellent angling, watersports, bowls, tennis, golf, riding, skiing and ski bobbing.


Christchurch is ideal for walkers with a variety of walks by the sea, the rivers, through heathland and woodland or across Stanpit Marsh - the birdwatcher's heaven.


Frank Owens Limited Home Building Industry: Damian Owens, Company Director from Co Derry

Damian Owens is a formally registered director born in November 1960. Up to this point, Damian was engaged as a high-level officer in 1 company. The initial nomination happened in Frank Owens Ltd on March 25, 2003. The business was formed on November 18, 2002, with headquarters set up in Co L'derry. The board member cooperated with Dorothy Kane (company director), Malcolm Harrison (it officer). This 55-year-old managing director is listed in 28 company filings, for example: the filing delivered on April 22, 2010 on behalf of Frank Owens Ltd in the officers - change category, the filing delivered on April 24, 2003 on behalf of Frank Owens Ltd, or the filing delivered on December 17, 2003 on behalf of Frank Owens Ltd. Damian is a person of Irish nationality.



Name: Damian Owens

Date of Birth: November 1960

Age:                55

Nationality:    Irish

Residence:     Northern Ireland

Address:         Co Derry BT47 3AX N Ireland

Last updated:            2016-06-23

Director at:

Frank Owens Ltd

Occupation:   Company Director

Appointed:    March 25, 2003

Address:         50 Main Street Co L'derry United Kingdom

Incorporation date: November 18, 2002

Work History

Company Details

Frank Owens Ltd

Incorporation date: 2002-11-18

Category: Private Limited Company

Sic Code (Services): 56302 - Public houses and bars

Tips on how to buy bespoke furniture by Hamilton Marsden Custom Furniture

Achieving a unique and interesting home is possible if you place some bespoke furniture in it.  Bespoke furniture or custom-made furniture can have a simple or complicated design, depending on your needs. You can also save a certain amount of money and find quality pieces if you're going to be wise in buying bespoke furniture.


It's known in some parts of London that people look for the professional attention of Hamilton Marsden Custom Furniture when they need to alter their old furniture into beautiful and stylish pieces, but some people still choose to buy brand new pieces. Provided in the following are basic tips in finding the best bespoke furniture for your home.


Search for reviews


The internet is the best source of reviews on certain products and services to avoid being scammed. It would be a smart choice to gather data on a specific company first before buying any furniture. Ensure that the company is really trustworthy and provides high-quality pieces with an affordable price. 


Look at online furniture stores


Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden previously provided some tips on buying online, so it's also preferable to buy bespoke furniture on furniture stores residing online. You should also visit some local stores in your area to compare prices and decide which one is the best for your budget and for your home.


Practice consistency


Understand that consistency is essential because nothing is achieved without it. Even if it will take some more time, don't stop until you find the best furniture for your home. Make sure that you will feel happy and contended with the pieces you buy.


Compare prices


If you are considering your budget in buying bespoke furniture, then it is better to compare the prices of different furniture found online and in stores first to find the piece that fits perfectly into your budget where you can save up to 50 percent.


Follow those simple tips mentioned above and you're close to finding the best bespoke furniture for your home. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden hopes that you will have a unique and special home soon with your chosen bespoke furniture.


Heimdal Security Company: 10 Warning Signs that Your Computer is Malware Infected

Signs of Malware Infection


Malware affects us all


The increasing number of Internet users worldwide creates an equal (or larger) number of opportunities for cyber criminals to take advantage of our systems. As we become more dependent on the online environment, we can clearly see a massive growth in malware and cyber-criminal activities all across the globe.


With so many ways out there to access and exploit vulnerable systems, we need to make sure we’re able to recognize a malware infection in order to prevent and defend our systems.


Because it is a battle and you need to be ready.


This article will show you what the main symptoms of a malware infected system are. You’ll also learn to correctly evaluate the risk and know where to look for a solution. Let’s get to it!


Symptoms of a malware infection




Does it take longer than normal for your operating system to boot up?


Are you waiting too long for some of your programs to start?


It is a known fact that malware has the tendency to slow down your operating system, your Internet speed or the speed of your applications.


If you notice something like this and you’re not using any resource-heavy program or application, check for other causes first. It may be a lack of RAM memory, a fragmented system, a lack of space on your hard drive or maybe a hardware issue affecting your drive. These 10 tips will come in handy when evaluating such problems.


If you have already thoroughly verified these possible causes and all seems fine, you can start considering a potential malware infection.


  1. POP-UPS


One of the most annoying signs of malware is represented by the unwanted pop-up windows. Unexpected pop-ups which appear on the system are a typical sign of a spyware infection.


In this particular case, the main issue is created not only by the numerous pop-up windows that affect your Internet navigation, but also because it is quite difficult to remove them from the system.


Pop-ups are not only annoying, but they usually come bundled with other concealed malware threats, and which could be far more destructive for our systems.


To avoid spyware and its impact on our systems, keep in mind a few security practices:

  • don’t click any suspicious pop-up windows
  • don’t answer unsolicited emails/messages
  • be careful when downloading free applications




If your programs or your system crash constantly or the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) appears regularly, it’s a clear warning that your system is not working properly and you should look into it.


There are two things that can cause this type of issues:


  • You could be dealing with a technical issue caused by a potential incompatibility between your software and/or hardware
  • Or it may be a malware issue.


If you suspect a technical issue, multiple software problems may lead to this.


Are you running various programs which may conflict with each other? Are there any orphan registry keys which have not been removed that could down and eventually crash your system?


If you are checking for malware, simply run a complete scan on the system with a good antivirus product. It is important to have a reliable security solution on your system, which should include real-time scanning, automatic update and a firewall.




Another warning sign of a potential malware infection on your system is the hard drive activity.


If you notice that your disk continues to exhibit excessive activity even when you don’t use it and there is no program or download running at that moment, this could be the right time to check your system for malware.


We have to mention that another possible cause for the abnormal hard disk activity could be a hardware failure of the disk. You should also take this into consideration.




Regarding the hard drive, you also need to check if your physical storage space has been increasing lately or if some of your files disappeared or changed their names.


This is another sign of malware activity, since there are numerous types of malicious software which use various methods to fill up all the available space in the hard drive and cause it to crash.




There are cases where the user is not connected to the Internet through his browser, and there is no program that may connect to online servers to download or upload any data,  but high network activity can still be observed.


First of all, we need to check the following:

  • Is there any Windows update at that moment?
  • Is there any program or application that’s downloading or uploading any data?
  • Is there any update for a certain app running at that moment?
  • Is there a large download that you started and forgot about, which may still be running in the background?


If the answer to all these questions is No, then maybe you should check where all that traffic is going.

  • To monitor your network, you can use one of the following programs: Glass Wire, Little Snitch or Wireshark.
  • To check for a malware infection, use a good antivirus product to check your system.
  • If you suspect that your computer has been infected by a dangerous financial malware, you need a specialized security suite designed to address these type of threats.




Have you noticed that your home page has been changed and you don’t remember doing it yourself?


Did a new toolbar pop out of nowhere and landed at top of your web browser?


Have you tried to access your favorite blog, but you were redirected to a different address?


This usually happens when you visit a website and you accidentally click a link or a pop-up window. This triggers unwanted software to download and install on your device. Its effects are not only annoying, but also malicious.


Run a complete scan with your security solution as soon as possible. Because these type of threats don’t go away easily. Make sure you run additional scans with specialized software, such as anti-spyware programs as the ones mentioned above.




A few warning signs should really make you suspicious. If any of these happen, pay closer attention and try finding the cause:


  • if, all of a sudden, you see programs opening and closing automatically
  • your Windows operating system shutting down without reason
  • if you notice strange windows in the booting process
  • or if Windows informs you that you’ve lost access to some of your drives.


Though the root cause may be a technical one, it could also be a sign that malware has compromised your system. If this is the case and you lost access to some important areas of your operating system, you need to prepare for the worst. These are the cases when a complete wipe and reinstall of the operating system is taken into consideration.




If you’re antivirus solution doesn’t seem to work anymore or if the Update module seems to be disabled, then check to see what happened immediately!


You should know that some types of malware are especially designed to disable security solutions, leaving you without any defense. If you already tried to reboot your computer, close and open the security solution and all your troubleshooting efforts were useless, you could consider the malware infection scenario.


This is especially the case since traditional antivirus solutions are sometimes unable to block and remove advanced malware, such as ransom ware or financial malware. There are a couple of strong reasons why this is happening, and you should read about them, so you can enhance your protection by adding multiple layers.




Are your friends telling you that they received suspicious emails from you or instant messages from your social media account, which often include attachments or links?


First of all, you need to verify whether those emails or messages were sent from one of your accounts (so check your Sent Items folder in your email/social media account). If there’s nothing there, those messages could have been delivered from an application which is out of your control.


If you discover the messages were sent from one of your accounts, take these steps:


  • Make sure you logged out from all your accounts. We access the same accounts on our work computers, on our home laptops and of course, on our mobile devices. Since we log in to our favorite online accounts on so many devices, it can happen that sometimes we forget to log out. Therefore, always make sure to log out from your online accounts on all devices.


  • Set strong passwords for your accounts. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts! Even if you are hacked, having different passwords for each account will help you limit a potential loss. Make a habit of managing your passwords safely.


  • Use two-factor authentication. This option can significantly increase your control over your accounts’ security. Using two-factor authentication means that, besides entering your credentials, you will also need to enter a code sent to your phone.


Knowledge is our best weapon


Knowing how malicious software behaves on a regular system may just prove to be the key element between staying safe and having your system wrecked or your online identity stolen.


Since we live in a connected and complex environment, online security doesn’t end with installing a series of security programs and forgetting about them. It’s essential that we also understand how malware behaves on the system, so we can mitigate its impact.


In the end, it is our knowledge of malware tools and methods that keeps us safe, because it is far easier to prevent a threat from becoming reality than to take actions against it when it’s already too late.



Who we are by Hill & Associates Integrity Risk Management

Our Story


Hill & Associates has been operating for more than 20 years, with offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We are owned by G4S plc, the world’s largest private security company, but operate completely independently. Our management, legal and information technology structures are protected by inter-company agreements to protect confidential client information.


Our Team


Our strength is the breadth of our Asia-based team and depth of local knowledge. Our staff of more than 150 includes experts from around the world in fields ranging from law, accounting and banking to military, intelligence and computer forensics. All adhere to strict ethical and internal codes of conduct. Discretion, effectiveness and professionalism make our team – individually and as a unit – your trusted adviser.

Meet some of our team members.




Neil Marshall

Managing Director



Neil has more than 30 years of experience in security and business risk consulting across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He helps corporate clients manage internal fraud matters, labour and commercial relationships, and crisis and contingency management issues, working with stakeholders and senior management to create solutions that are logical, ethical and economically sound. Clients include top-tier Fortune 500 organisations during times of exponential growth into new markets and operations.




Mike Groves

Security Risk Management


Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Mike completed a 28-year career in the Hong Kong Police Force, rising to directorate rank. During his service, Mike commanded the VIP Protection and Tactical Units, and oversaw operations at events including the Handover of Hong Kong in 1997 and meetings of the World Bank, IMF and WTO. Mike works with clients to pre-empt and address issues that impinge on business operations and reputation risk.



John Bruce

Corporate Intelligence



John Bruce runs our Corporate Intelligence service line, which encompasses business intelligence and integrity and background checks. In addition to this, he has specific responsibility for gaming related due diligence, having become involved in the gaming industry due to the burgeoning expansion in worldwide gaming that took place alongside the expansion of the worldwide web. He has considerable experience in providing independent consulting services to companies in the gaming industry on the nature of the industry in Asia.




Adelene Wee

Fraud Prevention & Integrity Risk


Adelene has worked throughout Asia and has extensive experience in the practicalities of doing business – both local and cross-border. She is responsible for managing and conducting client engagements focused on the areas of fraud, bribery and corruption, ethics, corporate governance and integrity and compliance matters. Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Adelene worked in tax and legal services in a Big Four firm and in corporate and commercial law at several international firms.



Mossack Fonseca & Co.: Connecting communities, clients, and people

In order to maintain its competitive advantage, Mossack Fonseca & Co. ensures that the quality of its client portal will meet the interests of their clients. The firm made the client portal to give utmost confidence to their clients in using their exclusive online services. Keeping their clients' information 100% safe all the time is of greatly importance to them. In particular, the Mossack Fonseca Group offers a secure online account that allows you to access your corporate information 24/7 anywhere and everywhere. It gives simple, secured, and organized access to clients' key information.


The Client Information Portal also offers real-time updates of your ongoing requests. Specifically, the firm's exclusive online portal offers amazing features to their clients, including finding updated information on your company formation requests through the case information service panel along with digital copies of corporate and legal paperwork; following up on your cases and receive notifications through email whenever one of your cases is updated; searching and reserving shelf companies online; viewing your price lists; paying your outstanding invoices; and requesting for certificates, reactivations and order forms.


Wherever you are in the world, you can access all of the mentioned features above with a safe environment in real-time. You could see amazing applications within the client portal of Mossack Fonseca & Co., such as the Case Information Service (CIS), Online Payment System (OPS), Electronic Delivery Service (EDS), and Online Work Request (OWR).


Case Information System (CIS) is a tool that monitors the progress of client requests and ongoing cases. It enables them to contact the firm's staff around the world, view digital copies of documents as soon as they are received in the firm's office, and receive automatic email notifications, which is optional, every time one of their cases is updated.


With Mossack Fonseca & Co.'s Online Payment System (OPS), the clients can monitor all of their outstanding or paid invoices with the portal's complete account management system. It allows their clients to generate account statement with real-time information, pay their outstanding invoices online or by credit card, take advantage of the firm's debit account application, and choose its batch payment option that facilitates bank transfers and cheques for settlement of invoices.


The Mossack Fonseca Group's Electronic Delivery System, or EDS, can eliminate delays due to the air-mail service. It ensures the most rapid and secures delivery system for clients' annual invoices and account statements. It also allows them to have more time to collect bills and send payments before deadlines.


The firm's Online Work Request (OWR) can access documents easily and quickly, and all in one place. These documents include incumbency certificates, good standing certificates, reactivation of one or more companies, and order form.


A client portal is no longer considered an accessory to a firm, it is now a necessity. Different firms worldwide, along with Mossack Fonseca Group, have seen its great benefit and efficiency, which results to a better and strong relationship with their clients.


AXIA Consulting Industries

AXIA Consulting assists our clients in overcoming their business challenges by having an in-depth understanding of the industries that we serve. We combine our industry-focused approach with our experienced consultants to quickly help our clients solve their unique challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


Among the industry sectors we serve are:


  • Technology
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Utilities & Energy
  • Government & Higher Education
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare

Sneak Peek on Gilles Peterson World of Music

Everyone agrees that music is a universal language. Although the taste in music may differ depending on the genre, there is no race, gender and age limit when listening to it.  This is the reason why composing and arranging music can only come to those who are gifted. A good arranger, much more producer, can be successful in a tight musical world. They could fail but a real talent can definitely put a person back to his pedestal. Take for example Gilles Peterson, British DJ, record collector, and record label owner.


Gilles Peterson is a world renowned broadcaster, music producer, disk jockey and founder of the famous Worldwide Awards.  With his outstanding record in music production and undeniable talent in mixing music which can be enjoyed by different people from all walks of life regardless of age, culture and nationality, he has been recognized as one of the most notable personality in the industry enough to earn him a spot in the top most listened to programmes in British Broadcasting Company (BBC), the leading broadcasting company of the United Kingdom and the world’s largest and oldest national broadcasting organization.


Contrary from what people know and based on different reviews written about him though is that Gilles Peterson did not have a smooth sailing musical journey.


Peterson favored Jazz above all other music genre but he would never miss a chance to fuse different types of tunes. With a great ear to sound, he was soon discovered and was offered a job on a London pirate radio station, Radio Invicta as DJ. He also gained fame with his club session, “Talkin’ Loud Sayin’ Something” at the old Dingwall in North West London but soon experienced his first struggle when he complained and retaliated with his anti-war commentaries during the first Gulf War on his programme at Jazz FM. He was later fired from the station.


From there, the world seemed dim to him. But his talent shone as a beacon of light in his career.


Kiss FM hired him and he was given a second chance until he was discovered by BBC 1 in 1998, almost 10 years after he began his hard trek in the industry and surpassing all the challenges hurled at him.


What he is today, more than 15 years as a sought-after DJ performing and delivering music to festivals in the far-flung corners of the world from his home in London to Egypt to Tokyo, Japan, Jakarta, Indonesia and South America, has been because of his hard earned lessons found on his rocky musical journey at Brownswood Boiler Room.


Gilles Peterson continues loving music and promises not to separate from it as long as the beacon still shines.


Meir Ezra: Negative Emotions Make You Fail

Pete, the new Sales Manager of ABC Autos, was yelling at the salespeople to do better, but with no improvement. The company owner, Mr. Christopher, was getting desperate.


He sat down with the sales manager and said, "Pete, since you took over the Sales Department, our car sales have been going down. You've got to quit yelling at the salespeople. Our old sales manager never yelled. Please give it a try."


Pete said, "Where I come from, you have to yell at the sales people if you want to get sales. Fire me if you want, but I'm gonna yell."


Mr. Christopher said, "Okay, I don't care what you do, just get the sales numbers back up this week."


So Pete held a sales meeting and screamed, "IF YOU DON'T MAKE AT LEAST ONE SALE THIS WEEK, YOU ARE FIRED!"


The sales staff ran out and started calling people on the phone. They said things like, "You HAVE to call me back!" "I know it's been six months since you were here, but I need to see you." "Your old car is dangerous; you must come in NOW!"


A couple walked in to browse. Four salespeople charged at them. The couple jumped back, mumbled "No thanks" and headed for the door. Another salesperson was blocked the doorway and said, "Did you find what you were looking for?"


The couple fought their way out the door and the salespeople went back to their telephones.


Read more About Meir Ezra


Meir Ezra: What Is More Important -The Source or The Data?

The Most Widely Known Teacher Whose Lessons Stand The Test of Time Was Crucified.


Some people feel threatened by successful people. I don’t know why. All people who have long term success are ethical, authentic and love teaching what they know. When I first heard Meir Ezra ask the question – What Is More Important -The Source or The Data? I had to think about that because I know I often accepted information based on who was delivering it. Meir taught me and many it is the data or the information that is what is important. Many time when we rely on the source we are misled because the data is false. A good example that many of us can relate to is the flow of slanted information from the main media channels. How many stories that are reported by mainstream media are totally refuted by the facts that you will find on niche journalist and social media sites.


What Does Meir Teach That Is So Valuable?


I have been at all of his seminars, most of his two day events plus I have personally studied a number of supporting courses. Keep in mind I felt I was already quite experienced and knowledgeable in business. Take a look to the archive section of this blog and see what I have been writing and this is just one of my blogs.


I have invested close to 1000 hours of additional training since the first of this year. What are the results? Let’s looks at what others say. The feedback I get from our coaching quality control function is that the clients I work with are amazed and very happy with the focus, direction and progress of how Meir and I are leading them. How that different from my life “Pre-Meir”? The difference is I am not just confident I know what I do will result in success for the people I work with because it is not just me it is me, Meir and the entire team focused on the results for our clients.


So What Do You Use That Meir Teaches That Is So Valuable


  1. The org board and the principles of building an organization. Yes this is a different way of looking at a business and when viewed from this perspective you begin to see why organizations fail.
  2. Everything is measurable that is being produced. Define the targets and the plan to achieve the target. Then define the mini plan targets, measure/graph the statistics showing the condition of the business and related actions.
  3. Apply the success formula for the conditions.


Follow The Above and You Cannot Fail! That is right! It is not what I say or what Meir Ezra says, it is what the data says.


Williams Connolly Consulting Group Attorneys: Welcome Message

We appreciate your interest in our firm. Williams & Connolly LLP seeks exceptional people with outstanding academic records who demonstrate a high degree of intellect, initiative, and creativity, and possess excellent interpersonal skills.


We encourage you to explore the rest of our web site to learn more about our firm and the hiring process.


Daniel Shanahan

Chair, Hiring Committee


LTD & Associates- Corporate Security Solutions

Established in 2000, LTD & Associates Inc. is a full service Investigation and Security Solutions Company, with corporate offices located in Oakville, Ontario conveniently located to the Greater Toronto area.


We are licensed by the office of the Ministry of the Solicitor General for Ontario, fully insured and bonded.


LTD & Associates Inc. is a global company which maintains strategic alliances across Canada and throughout the world. Our extensive investigative and security consulting experience, has allowed us to effectively service and solve the security requirements of a wide ranging array of clients.


Investigations & Security Research


Our Investigative and Security Research Consultants will help you establish, evaluate and develop all of your Security and Investigative requirements. A full range of services include:


  • • VIP Personal Protection
    • Corporate Investigations
    • Insurance Fraud Investigations
    • Risk Management
    • Security Consulting
    • Security Co-Ordination

Williams & Connolly LLP, Margaret Keeley, Williams Connolly Consulting Group Attorneys – Contact Us

Williams & Connolly LLP

725 Twelfth Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20005



Phone: 202-434-5000

Fax:     202-434-5029



Notice of Financial Scams


Telephone and internet criminals are unlawfully using the names of American law firms, including Williams & Connolly LLP, to bilk individuals of money. One such scam uses letterhead of Mercantile Bank International, Sofia, Bulgaria. If you receive communications from this bank referencing Williams & Connolly LLP, please call the FBI Washington Field Office at 202-278-2000.



Westward Menus

Westward is a water-inspired full service restaurant and bar located on North Lake Union. Chef Zoi Antonitsas leads the team in new directions, striking a delicious balance between contemporary Northwest and Mediterranean flavors. The approach is natural and continually evolving, reflecting the simplicity of great products, fresh ingredients and the changing seasons. The wood-burning oven is at the heart of the kitchen and is an integral element in the restaurant. Each seat has unique views of the lake and the city and a large deck, fire pit and beach area provides space to sit outside and sip cocktails in the summer, or snuggle in the restaurants wool blankets in the winter. The 150 ft. dock provides boat parking for a meal or an afternoon whiskey. The menu includes imaginative, Mediterranean-influenced fare and delightful small bites.

Little Gull Grocery is a cozy 22 seat oyster bar and grocery located waterfront on North Lake Union. Its cool, clean and whimsical design provides the perfect space to enjoy fresh and locally harvested oysters, along with an icy cold beer or glass of your favorite wine (preferably both). It is directly connected to sibling restaurant Westward and offers options from their menu along with an incredible range of oysters from across the US, heavily focused on the best the Northwest has to offer. Little Gull offers a grocery to “grab and go,” perfect for picnics, items for home or stocking up for the boat. Offerings include items such as growlers of beer, champagne and wine, charcuterie, local sea salt and bread, exquisite olive oil and wool navy blankets.